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Beautiful Cooky BT21 wristwatch: it has a malleable metal bracelet with a magnetic closure (magnet), making it super practical to use, both to put on and take off and the best part: the bracelet material does not stain!



- Dial diameter: 3.3 cm;

- Dial height: 1.0 cm;

- Total length of the bracelet: 21.5 cm (adjustable);

- Coated glass dial;

- Metal bracelet with magnetic closure (magnet).


To avoid wasting the battery during shipping, the watch comes with a small plastic lock on the pin and because of this, it will not be working yet. To start the watch, simply remove the lock, turn the pin carefully to adjust the time and then press it lightly. That's it, your watch is ready to use.

~ Care for your watch:

- Do not get it wet (it is not waterproof), nor expose it to humidity and heat sources, which could compromise the battery and the display coating;

- High temperatures compromise battery life;

- When your watch battery runs out, you can replace it with another one (we do not sell batteries or replace them).



1. SENDING THE TRACKING CODE: Within 5 business days after payment confirmation. At the end of this period, the order tracking code will be sent to the email registered at the time of purchase.

2. DELIVERY TIME: within 15 days after sending the tracking code (the deadline varies by more or less days depending on the Post Office logistics in each location).

Guarantee yours, we are available for any questions, it will be a pleasure to assist you!💜

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