1.1 Operator and Payment Methods:

- Website payment operator: Cartpanda Pay.
- Payment methods: Bank slip, pix and credit cards, paid in up to 12 installments (we do not work with pix in installments).
- As soon as the payment appears in our system, you will receive a payment confirmation email. It may take some time between payment processing and your purchase confirmation email being sent , but it will be sent the same day. If you do not receive it in your main email inbox, check your promotions and spam folder.
- If you have not received it on the same day of purchase, contact the store so that it can be sent back.
Note: Payments via BANK SHIPPING take 24 TO 48 BUSINESS HOURS to be processed. The order will be processed as soon as payment is received.
1.2 About requesting purchase cancellations:
- We do not have the autonomy to cancel purchases with card operators and similar companies . In any case, the online store is not legally obliged to cancel a purchase. What the CDC (article 49) contemplates is the return or exchange of the product due to regret, defect or sending a different item, within a period of up to 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product (the product must have been received ) . Regarding the exchange and return process, check our Exchange and Return Policy on our website.
ATTENTION! We are not responsible for:
The customer's lack of attention in not reading the information previously provided by the store in the product description, advertisements, email, payment checkout and the like, as it is the customer's full responsibility to be aware of the data and information pertinent to the purchase and previously provided through the store.
• Error/lack of attention on the part of the customer when filling out the order details, number of installments to be chosen, etc., as it is the buyer's sole responsibility to carefully check that the information is filled out correctly before finalizing the purchase.
Failure to receive the order at the delivery address registered during purchase or at the Post Office, for any reason , as it is the customer's full responsibility to monitor tracking and ensure that there is someone at the address who recognizes the order and receives it when the Post Office are making the delivery.
• When the customer completes the purchase, the store understands that the customer has read and is aware of the information, and does not accept any type of cancellation or refund request arising from reasons of this nature.
• It is valid to mention that cancellation/refund/reshipment request for these reasons
it has no legal basis.
2.1 Sending the Tracking Code:
Our products are IMPORTED (sent from abroad to Brazil). As soon as payment is confirmed, the order enters the SORTING, SEPARATION AND INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE process.
- This process takes an average of 5 to 6 BUSINESS DAYS
- After this period, we will send you the order tracking code by email.
- Once posted, the order will be in International Transit , this process takes an average of 5 to 9 business days (deadline varies by more or less days depending on demand at the export center).
ATTENTION: During this period, the information may not yet appear in the tracking code because the Brazilian Post Office does not identify international transit in its database, due to it occurring in another country (the Correios only identify the order as "posted" in the tracking code, when international transit ends and the order is beeped and dispatched to Brazil).
2.2 Delivery time for order(s):
- The average deadline is 25 BUSINESS DAYS after confirmation of purchase, however this deadline may vary for more or less days depending on the Post Office logistics in each location . There may also be delays in delivery due to strikes and force majeure, which the store cannot interfere with. In these cases, if the tracking shows that the order is still on the delivery route, the customer must continue following the tracking and wait for delivery to be made.
- Purchase cancellations/refunds will not be made in any way while the order is still in transit, regardless of the reason. The valid cancellation and return rules are those set out in article 49 of the CDC (see section 1.2 above).
- It is the customer's full responsibility to be aware of information about the store's deadlines, as these are informed in advance. When the customer completes the purchase, the store understands that the customer has read and agrees with the information provided by the store.
2.3 Customs Taxation:
Note: from October 13, 2023, purchases made in our store that are taxed will have the tax paid by the product supplier and NO longer by the customer!
Note: this information is described in the description of the products in the store. We are not responsible if the customer does not read and pay the fee on their own.
Store Policy on Customs Taxation valid for products purchased before October 13, 2023:
- When purchasing a product from outside Brazil (imported from abroad), the buyer must be aware of the possibility of Customs Taxation and the store does not have the power to prevent it from occurring.
- As a rule, orders with a value above 50 dollars are taxed, however the Revenue has the autonomy to tax any order, of any value . Choosing to tax a product or not IS ENTIRELY AT THE DISCRETION OF THE FEDERAL REVENUE and the store has no autonomy to interfere.
- If there is a customs tax on the order, payment of the tax is the sole responsibility of the customer. You must be aware that if the customs fee is not paid and the order is refused by the same, the order will not be delivered.
- It is worth mentioning that customs taxation is not carried out by the store but by the Federal Government, through the Federal Revenue of Brazil.
- If payment of the fee is not made, the order is refused by the customer and for these reasons delivery does not occur, no refund/reshipment will be made by the store, as it does not have any autonomy over the actions of Brazilian Customs, Federal Revenue, Federal Government.
- Legally, there is no law that obliges the store to issue refunds, resends or any other type of refund if the customer decides not to pay the customs fee, refuses the order and the order is not delivered, because:
Refusing the order and paying the fee is the customer's right, however, before doing so, they must be aware of the policies of the store where they purchased the product, as whether or not to make any type of refund is also their right to choose. from the store in these cases.
- We do not carry out any type of refund in these cases, as we have previously informed that our products are imported, that is, sent from abroad to Brazil and we believe that when purchasing a product from outside Brazil the customer is aware of the risk customs duties and assumes responsibility for this.
- If payment (customs clearance) is not made within the deadline (20 calendar days after being tracked), the merchandise may be returned to the country of origin or declared lost due to abandonment. In this case, the order becomes the responsibility of the Union, which decides what to do with the property.
2.4 My order was taxed by Customs, how do I make payment and receive the order?
- When the order is taxed by Customs, it appears in the Tracking as "Awaiting Payment".
- The value of the customs fee corresponds to 60% of the value that the Revenue considers the product to be worth + the shipping cost (if any) + ICMS (if the state of destination of the product covers this tax).
- To pay the customs fee, access the "Minhas Importações" portal via the link:
- If you don't have an account, you need to register.
- After accessing, enter your tracking code in the "Search Order" field and click "search". The customs information for the order will appear in the search result.
- Three icons will appear on the screen: in the "eye" icon, you will be able to view the fee value information. The option to pay the customs fee will appear on the "$" icon.
- After payment has been made, wait for the order progress update using the tracking code and wait for delivery by post. It may take up to 72 business hours to update the tracking code.
- We are not responsible for filling in the delivery address and other information incorrectly/incompletely; due to the absence of someone to receive the order or even if there is no one at the address who recognizes and receives the order.
- If the Post Office does not deliver for any of the reasons mentioned above and the order is returned to the supplier, no refund/refund will be made by the store, as it is the customer's sole responsibility:
• Fill in the address correctly as well as all order delivery details;
• Monitor tracking to be aware of the delivery progress;
• Ensure that there is someone at the delivery address who recognizes and receives the order and also ensure that someone picks up the order at the Post Office or Distribution Center, if necessary;
• Personal or transportation issues that may interfere with receiving the order for the reasons mentioned above are NOT the store's responsibility;
• Even if the customer states the opposite of what the tracking information states, the store does not have the autonomy to intervene with the Post Office as the delivery is carried out by them, and it is up to them to decide.
ATTENTION: It is worth remembering that:
• Orders returned by the Post Office to the sender due to an incorrect/incomplete address or because there was no one at the address or agency to receive it or even if the person at the address did not recognize the order, they are not returned to the store, but rather to the supplier abroad (sender) or to the latter's mailbox in Brazil, since our products are imported (sent from suppliers abroad to Brazil), as we do not work with immediate delivery, but imports;
The supplier (sender) , in turn, is not responsible for non-delivery of the order regardless of the reason , as he sent it as requested, thus fulfilling his duty; in the same way that the store fulfilled its duty of ordering the customer's product from the supplier and posting it to the address provided by the customer.
- If due to the absence of someone to receive it, the order is to be collected at an agency or distribution center that allows collection, simply bring a photo identification document (RG) and the order tracking code number.
- The period within which the order will be available for collection is 7 calendar days (this period may vary according to the agency and location).
- If it is not collected within the deadline, it will be returned to the address of origin (supplier abroad).
- The order must be withdrawn by the order holder. To be withdrawn by another person, they must have a power of attorney in the name of the holder. If this is the case, check with the Post Office in your city for the procedure or contact the store for guidance.
• ATTENTION: If the order is returned to the origin address, no refund/refund will be made, as it is the customer's sole responsibility: correctly fill in the delivery details (recipient/address), follow the tracking and receive the order .
- In case of absence in the first delivery attempt made by the Post Office, it is possible for another delivery attempt to be made (whether or not a new attempt is made is entirely up to the Post Office).
- If there is a new attempt and there is no one to receive it, the order will go to a Post Office close to the delivery address, to be collected by the holder of the order or a person authorized by him with a power of attorney, as mentioned above.
- In this case, the address of the agency where the order must be picked up will be informed in the tracking itself.
- Due to the customer's lack of attention to the information previously provided by the store;
- Due to error/lack of attention when filling out purchase details;
- If the customer does not receive the order due to filling in the address or any other information incorrectly or incompletely;
- Due to the absence of a person who receives or recognizes the order (at the address, agency, CDD or any other location).
- For non-payment of the customs fee and refusal of the order by the customer, if the order is taxed, as payment of the same is the sole responsibility of the buyer. They must be aware of the possibility of Customs Taxation on products coming from outside Brazil and the store does not have the autonomy to prevent this from occurring. When purchasing a product coming from abroad to Brazil, the customer is aware of the possibility of customs taxes and assumes responsibility for this.
- And/or in any case that is not legally supported.
• IMPORTANT: The store is not responsible for personal or transportation issues that prevent the order from being received at the delivery address or any other pickup point or for non-payment of customs fees if necessary or for any personal issues of the customer that are related to the reasons mentioned above.
In some locations, the Post Office car cannot be accessed due to:
- High crime rates and frequency of postal car robberies;
- Lack of accessibility of roads due to potholes, flooded areas, forested areas, areas at risk of landslides, very distant areas and similar areas, which impede access and/or pose risks to the physical integrity of the delivery person.
- In cases like this, AT THE DISCRETION JUDGED EXCLUSIVELY BY THE POST OFFICE, the order will be sent directly to an agency close to the registered address to be collected by the holder or authorized person.
- In these cases, the store is NOT responsible for non-delivery to the residence, as the decision is entirely at the discretion of the Post Office itself and the store has no power to interfere in this decision.
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