BT21 BTS PAJAMAS (all characters)

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Those beautiful pajamas that every Army needs to have!💜 A perfect option to wear or give as a gift!

The BT21 pajamas are made of cotton and polyester, with a predominance of cotton, being super soft and comfortable to wear and have beautiful prints!😍 Fanmade product. Available sizes: S, M, L, XXL and 2XL.


We recommend that you use the measurements in centimeters described for each size in the table below as a reference, as our products are imported and international sizes have a certain difference from Brazilian sizes.

Using a measuring tape, take your measurements and compare them with the measurements described for each size, to see which one works best for you.

To measure the bust , pass a measuring tape around the bust (chest height), measuring the entire circumference (chest and back).

To measure the length of the shirt , take a vertical measurement (from top to bottom) that goes from the neck (in the area where the collar of the shirt is usually located) to the hip (where the hem of the shirt is usually located).

To measure the length of the pants , take the measurement from the waist to the heel.

To measure your hips, pass the measuring tape around the entire circumference of your hips.

NOTE 1: There may be a small margin of error in measurements, 1 to 3 centimeters, due to manual measurement (measurements taken by hand).
NOTE 2: We do not offer exchanges or refunds for wrong size choices.



- Vertical length of the blouse: 68 cm;

- Bust: 100 cm;

- Sleeve length: 54 cm;

- Vertical length of pants: 95 cm

- Hip: 102 cm.

(Pants with elastic waist)


- Vertical length of the blouse: 70 cm;

- Bust: 106 cm;

- Sleeve length: 55 cm;

- Vertical length of pants: 97 cm.

- Hip: 108 cm.

(Pants with elastic waist)


- Vertical length of the blouse: 72 cm;

- Bust: 112 cm;

- Sleeve length: 56 cm;

- Vertical length of pants: 99 cm.

- Hip: 114 cm.

(Pants with elastic waist)


- Vertical length of the blouse: 74 cm;

- Bust: 116 cm;

- Sleeve length: 57 cm;

- Vertical length of pants: 102 cm.

- Hip: 118 cm.

(Pants with elastic waist)


- Vertical length of the blouse: 76 cm;

- Bust: 122 cm;

- Sleeve length: 58 cm;

- Vertical length of pants: 104 cm.

- Hip: 124 cm.

(Pants with elastic waist)

NOTE: There may be a slight variation in the color tones of the pajamas in the advertisement photos compared to the product colors, due to the lighting in the photos, cell phone/computer screen filters, etc.


• Imported product, sent from abroad to Brazil. If taxed, the fee will be paid by the product supplier and NOT by the customer, just wait for the tracking to update.💜
 DELIVERY TIME : on average 25 BUSINESS DAYS after confirmation of purchase. This period may vary by more or less days depending on the Post Office logistics in each location.
 SENDING THE ORDER AND TRACKING CODE: After confirming the purchase, the order will go through the sorting, separation and shipping process, which takes up to 6 working days. At the end of this period, the order will be shipped (start of international transit) and the tracking code will be sent via email.

Guarantee yours, we are available for any questions, it will be a pleasure to assist you!💜

Yours sincerely,

Planet Store Team.

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