WOMEN'S NAVY SNEAKERS (navy blue/black)

Size: 33
Sale priceR$ 169,90
Parcelamento em até 12 vezes nos cartões de crédito
Frete Grátis para todo o Brasil


Beautiful women's sneakers in a navy style, to make your look even more beautiful!❤️ The navy or nautical style is a style that adds navy pieces to your clothing . It can be characterized by the use of navy blue, red and white colors, as well as elements that reference ships and the sea. In this sneaker it is present in the use of navy blue, red and white colors .

With cotton lining, it has a high quality vulcanized rubber sole, non-slip and flexible. Also available in black, in sizes 33 to 38.


1. DELIVERY TIME: imported product - delivery within 25 WORKING DAYS after confirmation of purchase (deadline variation depends on the state, region and Post Office logistics in each location).

2. SENDING THE TRACKING CODE: within 5 to 6 business days to the email registered at the time of purchase.

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